Westlake/West Austin


Westlake Boundary Description

The Colorado River to Barton Creek to Loop 360 to the Colorado River

Westlake ZIP Codes and MLS Areas to Search for Homes  

78746 - MLS Area 8E


Westlake Neighborhoods

Barton Springs Estates, Beecave Woods, Davenport Ranch, Lake Shore, Liveoak Terrace, Mount Larson, Rolling Hills, Rollingwood, Stratford Hills, Timberline Terrace, Tremont, West Rim, Westlake Highlands, Westlake Hills, Westview on Lake Austin, Windsong Estates, Woodhaven, Yaupon Valley

Westlake Housing Stats - As of Aug. 22, 2017  

          Total Active Listings:                          116

          Total Pending Listings:                       18

          Average List Price:                             $ 1,847,750

          Average Sold Price Last 90 Days:     $ 1,357,312

          Average Sold Price per SqFt:            $  366.13

          Average Days on Market:                  99


                                      West Austin

West Austin Boundary Description

The Colorado River/Lake Travis to FM 2769 to Cedar Park city limits to RM 620 to FM 2222 to Loop 360 to the Colorado River to Barton Creek to Hwy 290 to the Hays County line to Barton Creek cut through to the Colorado River/Lake Travis

West Austin ZIP Codes and MLS Areas to Search for Homes  

78726, 78730, 78732, 78733, 78735, 78736, 78746 - MLS Areas 8W, RN, W

West Austin Neighborhoods

Apache Shores, Austin Lake Estates, Austin Lake Hills, Barton Creek, Bella Colinas, Belvedere, Cardinal Hills Estates, Cardinal Hills, Comanche Trail, Costa Bella, Courtyard, Covered Bridge, Davenport West, Estates Above Lost Creek, Foothills Barton Creek, Greenshores on Lake Austin, Hills Lost Creek, Lakeview, Lantana, Long Canyon, Lost Creek, Overlook Estates, River Place, Rob Roy, Scenic Brook, Senna Hills,  Seven Oaks, Shepherd Mountain,  Steiner Ranch, Travis Country, Valley Lake Hills, Verde Heights at Lost Creek, Villa Montana, Village at Violent, Village Park, Watersmark at Barton Creek, Westminster Glen, Windmill Run

West Austin Housing Stats - As of Aug. 22, 2017 

           Total Active Listings:                           392

           Total Pending Listings:                        104

           Average List Price:                              $ 1,054,756

           Average Sold Price Last 90 Days:      $  805,110

           Average Sold Price per SqFt:             $  221.13

           Average Days on Market:                   70

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